How do you say “faith” in Hawai’ian?

The Hawaiian word mana’o’i’o

Our Hawaiian word of the week is mana’o’i’o which means to have faith and confidence.

Mana means power in Hawaiian.

O = means “Of”

I’o = means true, genuine, real; true worth

So when we put that together— we have power that is genuine and true— that’s what we have faith and confidence in— that’s what we have mana’o’i’o in— true genuine power.

The sign language (ASL) for faith is:

  • With your two hands, make a circle with your index finger and thumb
  • Tap your forehead
  • Then double tap your fist
  • Mana’o’i’o

And now these 3 things remain:

Faith = O ka mana’o’i’o

Hope= ka mana’olana

Love = a me ke aloha

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