Special Prayer Meditation for Jesse Against The Forces of Chaos

A Prayer for Jesse

During our opening prayer today, I’d also like to include a special prayer for one of our own.

Gina’s son, Jesse, is in the hospital. Jesse was in the airfare working as a special operations combat controller. Let’s pray for a full recovery for Jesse.

Please close your eyes. May your love be strong enough to fight the forces of chaos.

That is what war is— it is the chaos within. Surround yourself in an ocean of peace. May your ocean contain oceans. And within those smaller oceans, see the war that this man fights— and relinquish his chaos with your love. Do this now. And see his ocean of war blending into your ocean of love. See his ocean with its silver oil of wisdom… mixing into the gold light of your love, and with the blue light of peace and an emerald green light of healing.

Watch video to pray for Jesse

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