Meditation to Connect with Your Inner Tiger

Close your eyes ….breathe in and out fully…..

As a water tiger…. focus right now….don’t even think, just let it come to you—

Inside of your tiger heart… inside your furry chest… where your tiger’s heart begins to beat… feel your heart beating…

Breathe… you are breathing from the tiger’s nostrils… you hear the tiger growl…

You are breathing now… through the tiger’s lungs…. you can feel the palpitations of your tiger’s blood… beating like a drum….

Don’t think about it. Use your tiger. Your tiger will bring forth an image in your mind… of the thing it wants the most this year.

Breathe… let your tiger… create an image and show you what it wants this year.

Now, if your tiger showed you an emotion or a feeling— let the tiger show you… what it will do with that emotion. What action will it take?

See people responding to your tiger… What do you get as a result of your tiger’s behavior?

See your tiger bringing it to you in its mouth. See your tiger walking up to you and dropping it at your feet.

What dropped out of the tiger’s mouth?

From the tiger’s heart to your heart to the heart of our community, Hale Ho’onani… always and forever, a man loa aku… it is done.

Write in your journal what your tiger brought you. Share below if you feel inspired—

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