Guided Meditation To Like Yourself

How Do I Like Myself?

Let’s do an exercise. It’s going to be a combination of guided meditation and journaling. Go ahead and close your eyes and breathe. Breathe, in and out, fully. Throughout this entire exercise, try not to think about it.

Just relax and let your body bring up images, feelings and thoughts— just like a movie scene appearing before you. Without thinking about it, it will just happen automagically.

Remember to keep breathing in and out, fully… and relax. Allow the angels to guide your mind’s eye. They are here, now, helping you. Thank you, angels.

When you didn’t like yourself

Think of a time when you didn’t like yourself. See yourself in your mind.

How old were you?

What did you look like?

Can you see what you were wearing?

Where are you? Are you living in your old apartment? Are you in your childhood bedroom? See yourself in that location.

Now, imagine God right there with you. Imagine him in the same room as you. Or if you were in a car, imagine him in the car with you. If you were in a relationship at that time, imagine God in the relationship with you.

See God, coming up right next to you.


If God could say something to you right now about that time in your life when you didn’t like yourself, what would he say?

When you liked yourself or your life

Fast forward or reverse in your mind to a time when you loved where you were or who you were.

See God right next to you in that place.

See the two you— chatting and talking about stuff, just hanging out. Watch it as though you are watching a movie in your mind.

Just the two of you, hanging out in this favorite place of yours where you both feel very safe.

Out of the blue, God turns to you and says,

“Hey, thanks for doing this with me. Thank you, for making me real in your life.”

See God holding your hands and thanking you.

And it’s such a good day.

That’s all God ever wants from you— to be real in your life.

See yourself looking back at God.

And tell him, “You’re welcome.”

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