What Is Prayer? You Are A Living Prayer

The Power of Prayer

When humans act in synchronicity with love, they are becoming God.

When we pray, we are merging with God. That is why there is such immense healing in prayer. That is also why there is such immense healing in music. Music is the sound of the many voices coming in unison together— with a single intention. That intention is usually love.

That is also why there is such immense healing in art. Art is the compilation of many souls— the pain, the pride, the glory, the strife, the longing, the need, the hope of a group of souls— trying to express themselves in their purest, most articulate form.

So all of these gifts of humanity— prayer, music, art, poetry— united with a greater divine force gathers the collective feelings of humanity and expresses them… together.


I want to address our experience of suffering…

We are all tied and connected together. Each of us is more spirit than we are physical. No two atoms touch. Science has found that when we die, each of the 37.2 trillion cells of our body emits biophotons. The word biophoton comes from the Greek words bio, which means life, and photon which means light. In other words, the light of life.

When someone is in the throes of dying, science can detect light— coming off their body. When that light completely separates from the physical form of your body— that’s when you are clinically dead. In other words, that’s when you fully become… light.

The reason why we have a physical human body is because it allows us to experience what we cannot experience as pure light. We have organs. We have flesh. We have blood and muscle and fat and veins and bone. And that allows us to experience this space time continuum.

Some say that this limits us to a lower or lesser, more dense vibration. But in reality, it gives us the gift of these boundaries that separate you from me, each of us from one another. That boundary is a beautiful experience. It gives you the wonder and delight of seeing something that is so different and separate from you—

Like a butterfly. Or a panda bear. Or a bright blue Amazonian parrot. Or an eagle. Or a whale.

It gives us the wonder— that makes us human.

Our natural capacity as humans— to wonder, to be in awe, to experience the greatness of our planet and the universe— that…. is beauty. Beauty is an innate trait of our mother planet. It is an innate trait of being human.

Beauty is refined through pain.

It’s the pang you feel in your heart when your first love walks into the room. The pang you feel when you see your child smile at you. The pang you feel when your puppy dog runs into your arms. The pang you feel when someone you love is sick.

The heart pang is universal. God feels pangs in his heart. The stars feel pang when they gaze down upon you making a wish while gazing into the night sky. Trees feel pangs when the animals who sleep in their branches have gone missing. The whole world is filled with these heart pangs.

Pain is what makes beauty possible.

Love must be so real, it hurts. We know we are real because we hurt.

Only sociopaths do not hurt and are numb to life. We hurt because we can feel life.

And this life within us is what makes us, as humans, as beautiful as the earth who bore us.

Thomas Mellen in Heaven

Thomas Benedict Mellen

In 1982 a man named Thomas Benedict Mellen died for ninety minutes before he was resuscitated. During the time he was clinically dead, he visited heaven.

He said that when he was in heaven, he was shown why he had brain cancer. He said that it happened when he was in his mother’s womb.

When she was pregnant, his father beat his mother. As a fetus, he felt thunder hitting him as this happened.

Later, when he grew older, he saw images of doom, of nuclear war and destruction in pop culture— as he absorbed those images— he saw a photograph of Los Angeles, in its pollution and urban sprawl, it literally looked like a cancer spreading over the land.

In that moment was when he said he gave himself brain cancer. He simply realized that what was already in him— this thunderous pain of his father beating his mother when she was pregnant with him— had finally found an external expression for itself.

The abuse he felt as a fetus knew how it could express itself— as a cancer in his brain.

The Web of Life

We are connected to experiences of others— of the earth, our planet, as well as to every other person on the planet and our ancestors. So there is no precise way we can pin point where our suffering comes from. You don’t even know if the pain you are feeling is from you or from the parched earth that is experiencing a drought. We can’t say, “What did I do to deserve this? Or where is it coming from?” Because it could be coming from anywhere or everywhere.

All that we know, is that we are intricately linked and connected to one another.

The only thing that we can do to heal— and we know when you heal yourself, you heal everyone you are connected to— is to tap into that universal collective force that is known as God.

In other words, God is a collection of all life forms, of the planet and of every human soul that ever existed in the past and present— and use that collective force for one thing…

To ask it to heal us on our behalf, so that it can heal itself. That is what we do when we pray.

A Living Prayer

We sing, dance, meditate, feel in unison, tapping into that collective force of humanity and the mother planet— of every soul of humanity— and with that great force of love we merge with it, we merge with every soul on the planet. Our pain could be coming from any one or many of them— we merge with it— becoming God.

And once we have merged with God through prayer, we heal ourselves through its great divinity. Prayer is God healing Itself through us. That is prayer.

You, yourself, are a living prayer. You are the living word. You are the living prayer.

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