Viktor Frankl: How Your Life Brings Honor to God

Viktor Frankl

Have you heard of Viktor Frankl? He is the author of Man’s Search for Meaning. Jewish, he lived in Nazi-occupied Austria during World War II. He had a prestigious offer from a university in America to be a professor, but his parents were condemned to the Nazi concentration camps.

He could’ve gone to America and from that position of privilege, power and wealth— do something to help his parents escape their prison— but he couldn’t leave his family. He stayed, knowing that if they went to the concentration camps, he wanted to go with them.

And then they died. His wife also died.

He survived and wrote this book that surpassed anything he could’ve ever written had he taken that professorship in America.

Had his father died alone at the death camp, the meaning of his father’s life would’ve been that of the 6 million Jews who were murdered. But because Viktor was with his father in the death camp— even though it was just a short while before his father died— the meaning of his father’s life became Viktor’s logotherapy, an approach in therapy that sheds light into the places of darkness that no one dares to go voluntarily— except the son who loves him.

If you only live but a short while before you suffer and die— God chooses to suffer and die with you— if only to redeem the story of your life for the world to read and honor in their memory of you.

God does things in MEMORY OF YOU.

God lives to honor your life

God lives to honor your life and God chooses to suffer when you suffer— to honor your life.

God could choose to be a powerful, privileged, perfect angel— but he chooses to be a powerless, dying, emaciated prisoner— because your life is an HONOR.


God is honored… to bring honor to your life. Friends, even in your suffering, you bring honor to God.

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