Activate Mother God’s Mommy Powers

God is your mommy

God is your mommy which means, you get a lot of hall passes.

You think God sees how many glasses of wine you drink after work or that you smoke weed. But God also sees that you are fun when you drink. You’re more relaxed. And he loves when you fall asleep in his arms after you pass out. God sees the drinking problem, but God is your mommy. God also sees that it helps you de-stress to go back to work every weekday morning because you are a responsible home owner and you pay your mortgage every month. You take care of your children. You pay the bills. You are there for your friends when they need you.

God loves focusing on just your goodness.

You know what? It reminds him of when you were little and you needed him all the time. You were always so cute when you were naughty.

Now, you only let God mommy you when you’re in trouble, or afraid, or in the middle of a crisis.

Sometimes, and I know this sounds weird— it’s not that God likes it when you’re injured— but sometimes you only let him hold you and be your mommy when you’re broken.

When you’re broken or lost, God loves rushing in and saying, “Mommy’s here.”

It’s a special treat for God when you let him mommy you.

This mother’s day, let God mommy you. Let him mommy you and take care of all your owies.

To heal the owies, open your journal and do the exercise in the video.

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