Mothers’ Lies Began in the Garden of Eden ~ A Story of Hope

Adam and Eve in The Garden of Eden

Eve tells Adam to eat the apple. That’s all the Bible says. We don’t know the conversation between Adam and Eve.

Let me use my theological imagination to fill in the blank. This is how I think it might have went:

As soon as Eve ate the apple, she knew…what Mommy God didn’t tell her. She knew there was more than just good in the world. It wasn’t just all goody two-shoes and 100% positive vibes. There was more that God wasn’t telling them.

So she tells Adam, “Hey, eat this apple. It really grounds you. First of all, you won’t be high and blissed out anymore. This apple gives you a dose of reality, instantaneously, as soon as you eat it.”

Adam is like, “I like the way mommy God designed this place— we’re high and blissed out all the time.”

Eve is like, “Yeah, but this is ALL that you know. Don’t you want to know more? Don’t you want to know…what is…unknown? Aren’t you curious, what else is there, besides goodness?”

She hands him the apple. Adam goes, “Ok.”

Adam, by the way —-is the first momma’s boy. Does whatever a woman tells him. So when he eats the apple, he gets it. There’s more than just goodness. There’s a whole bunch of other stuff. Plus, his thoughts start changing. They’re not all warm and fuzzy and nice— they’re like, Whoa…kinda dark.

The garden of Eden is so pristine and pure that even your thoughts have an effect on the flowers. The flowers around them start to wilt and turn brown. The two of them are poisoning the trees and the animals in the garden— just through their thoughts. So God puts a stop to this and he says, “Get out. You’re hurting all the living beings in the garden.”

Cast into the Wilderness

The bible says that Adam and Eve are banished from the garden and cast out into the wilderness.

There they are in the wilderness and Eve goes, “Oh.…So this is what else is out there—besides goodness.”

Adam is like, “Yeah! Rocks, death, danger and starvation. By the way, we have NO friends. We lost all our pets.”

Eve turns to him and goes, “So, do you wanna have a baby?”

In the harshest of conditions, they actually attempt to raise a family. Why???

There’s one answer. Mommy Brain.

She don’t see no challenge in nothing.

Any non Mommy-brained person would say, “You should’ve had kids when you were in the garden. This is not the place for kids. There’s a flaming volcano right there.”

This is something you have to understand about mommies, which might help you forgive your own mother— for all of her lousy decisions.

Mommies ignore a lot of things

They’re not in the business of waiting for perfect conditions to reappear or lamenting that they messed up something that was already perfect— they kinda of just — move on. They accept the hand that they’re dealt. They try to make the best out of the worst. They literally do not see that this is not a good place to have a child. They don’t see it.

And your mommy didn’t see a lot of things that were really really really crappy. She just didn’t see it.

Because your mommy’s job from the moment she became pregnant with you—is to bear hope against all odds— to bet everything, even her own life— on the one… chance…that maybe…you’re the one.

You’re gonna be this swan one day

Even if she has no money to feed you, no man or partner to protect you, no house for you to live in— she still bears hope — in you.

You’re a complete unknown—no one knows how you’re going to turn out one day— but your mother bears hope and she bears that hope across a vast unknown, unknowable, un-seeable future.

I’ll multiply your pains in childbirth; you’ll give birth to your babies in pain.

Genesis 3:18

And through all that pain, your mother bore hope… Like a bridge over troubled waters— she bore you….

And in that moment, your mommy experienced — that no matter how much pain you bring her— you always bring her even more hope.

Your time will come … to shine… Your dreams will shine….

That’s enough for her— enough to face all that life will take from her— the hope that you bring her is enough.

You will always be enough…. no matter what.

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