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The Dream of Your Soul

The dream of your soul is essentially the meaning of your life. A lot of people don’t know what the meaning of their life is. That’s okay.

Your job is to make meaning out of your life.

Meaning is a moment. You make all these moments of meaning, from your life. You string them together and you have all these pearls.

The dream of your soul is the meaning and the purpose of your life.

Jesus’ Dream

The dream of Jesus’s soul— is to be Christ. The definition of Christ: is God in human form. In other words, God’s love in human form. Then he told us that we were just like him.

We are love in human form.

Exercise to Discover Your Living Christ

Step 1

Write this in your journal: God and me are love in human form.

Step 2

Now, extend this to a being or a person that you know that is sacred to you. In your journal, you are going to write a statement about someone whom you absolutely adore. It’s so easy to love them (probably not your spouse or your kids if they are over the age of 13), you know— someone whom you adore.

Hint: think of someone or something that does not possess an ego, such as the tree in your garden, a favorite childhood blanket, doll, or stuffed animal.

For example, I chose Koala. My next statement that I write in my journal is:

Koala is love in koala bear form.

Then, l ask Koala, “Koala, are you love in koala form?” He says, “Yes.”

So, write this in your journal: [my sacred adored object] is love in [sacred adored object] form.

Your Living Christ

This person is your living Christ.

Write in your journal: “[the name of your beloved being] is my living Christ.”

For me, Koala is my living Christ.

A living Christ is someone or something that has no ego in this world and that will serve as an example to you— of what pure love looks like. It’s easiest to use something that is with you every day, that you can pray with. Some people pray with their bible or their prayer beads, or Sutras (Buddist) or a prayer shawl.

Buddha prayed beneath a tree. The boddhi tree was his personal embodiment of divinity that he could touch, sleep with, hug, ask questions to, and get answers from. The tree communicated with him, just as your living Christ communicates with you.

The more you develop your relationship with your living Christ, the deeper your communication with it, becomes. An example is forensics testing. Detectives get detailed information about a person from their clothing or furniture.Their DNA is all over it. It’s similar to how animals can communicate by sniffing grass or bushes— because other animals leave their scent there. Or how you and I have never met in person, but from this computer screen, we convey messages with each other.

An object, a thing— can be an instrument that sends and receives messages between you and the Divine.

Your living Christ is your own personal object or pet or plant or place, like a garden or a waterfall— that has a relationship with you— that responds to your soul… and communicates with you in a very tangible, touchable, real and practical way.

Please write this in your journal:

My living Christ is something of my very very own that I can touch, hug, sleep with, talk with, and care for. It shows me how pure love operates in my life.

What Would My Living Christ Do?

When I want to know what would my living Christ do— in any given situation— instead of asking, “What would Jesus do?” I ask, “What would Koala do?”

A friend of mine was trying to convince me to do something that goes against my ethics. I asked, what would koala do in this situation? Would he listen very intently to the whole scam… and then decide, “Nyet! Nope. Not for me. I’m koala bear. Koala’s don’t do yucky stuffs. Koalas only do yummy stuffs.”

If my friend insists, “But you’re my friend. Why can’t you do this for me?”

Where’s the line between being a friend and betraying who you are?

The only way to know this is to consult Christ, in this case— Koala, who is Christ in koala bear form. If Koala bear can’t do it, I probably can’t do it. If I do something that is against my Christly nature, or my koala bear nature, I will get sick, physically ill. And where’s my friend? The reason I got sick? Probably nowhere to be found. Because they need to move on to someone else who’s not like me— who can do unethical things without getting sick.

That same friend of mine— once they realized I couldn’t help them— started attacking me. I’m like, “What is going on?” And I basically… got fed up and gave them the finger. My friend was livid and escalated their attack on me! They’re like, “You’re supposed to be a loyal friend and instead you’re giving me the finger?!”

So I asked myself, “What would Koala do?”

Koala bear doesn’t have fingers so he can’t give them the finger. So he just gives them the PAW.

I kid you not, as soon as Koala gave my friend the paw— the next day, my friend got sick. And they stopped attacking me.

When I give someone the finger, why doesn’t it have the same result as when koala gives them the PAW? The difference is that I’m not using my full power when I give them the finger. I’m using my pain. On a scale of 1-100, with 100 being the most powerful, pain is like operating from a level zero.

When koala bear gives them the paw, he’s doing it from a place of deep self love. He’s coming at them from a level 100.

Listen, you can be cute AND angry. No matter how angry he gets, no one sees a violent koala bear. They just see a koala bear.

Self love gives you a universal license to do crazy extreme rule breaking behaviors without tarnishing your image, because love gives you the right. When I say love, I’m talking self LUV. When you love yourself, you can wear a leotard in public and be praised for it. Self-love gives you the right to be yourself in all your vicious forms, and still be love in human form.

Please write this in your journal:

Self love gives me the right to be myself in all my vicious forms and still be love in human form.

Final Step

Please write in your journal the name of your beloved being and then this:

________ (name) is my living Christ. When I’m in a pickle, I just have to ask, “What would ________ (name) do?”

Think of a sticky situation you’ve been in recently. What would your living Christ do in that situation? Write it in your journal.

Don’t Give Your Power Away

Your living Christ does not have answers to everything. For example, Koala Bear does not help me get up in the morning. I have to ask angels to help me get up in the morning to get me going. If it were up to Koala Bear we would just hug all day long and stay in bed and look out the window. We would never get out of bed.

Your living Christ is an example of pure love in your life.

But your living Christ—just like God— is not an excuse to not live your life. Your living Christ is a support for you to go and live your life. If you need extra help you can take your living Christ with you and you can ask for angels. But your living Christ is limited for a reason: so that you don’t give up your power to God.

God purposely limits himself in the form of a human being, or an animal or an object, limits himself physically to a single aspect of his totality. In that way, God will never take your power away from you even if you want to give it away.

When you are truly expressing the divine spark within you, you don’t give your spark away— not even to God. You become a brighter spark of God. Love grows when you express love, not when you give it away. Giving away your power is not a gift. It’s throwing it away. You have to keep the light within you and shine it, not give it away to someone else, even if that someone is God. God wants to shine through you, not take your shine away from you.

Your living Christ is limited and doesn’t give you the answers to everything, to ensure that you never make anyone— a more true or more pure expression of your divine self— than you.

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