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Forgiveness Is

Forgiveness is letting yourself— let go— of who you were earlier in the day or last night or last week or last year.

Just let it go.

You’re not that person anymore. You’re back to being you, again.

Forgiveness is a “thank you” to your soul for remembering who you are— and letting go— of da oddah yucky stuffs.

Forgiveness is letting go of everything you’ve done, that you’re embarrassed by— that horrible Tinder profile you created, yelling at your kid for shredding your paycheck while she was playing with the dog, lying to someone because you were afraid to get hurt, cheating on your spouse because you haven’t been happy in your marriage in years— letting all that go and allowing yourself to start over and be someone completely new, today.

This is really really hard. Because the world will remind you of who you were yesterday.

They googled your embarrassing pics. The world will remember and hold it against you.

Forgiveness is letting the world remember your sin— letting them— and still, letting yourself not remember the terror you inflicted on others, but remember how hurt you were when you did that, how desperate and how rageful— and understanding that now you know— now you know— how people feel when they have been abused, raped, robbed, hurt, betrayed, abandoned— and you know why they commit crimes and hurt others. Because you were once hurt and when you were hurt, you hurt others.

Forgiveness is allowing yourself to have grace for yourself.

Forgiveness is having grace for yourself

Forgiveness is having grace for yourself when you are damaged.

And giving yourself that same grace that you give others— when they are damaged.

Give yourself grace— when you are damaged.

That is forgiveness. It is the permission you give yourself to be new again, to start again. Even when you have to start over every single day. Give yourself permission to be new, each and every day, this new year.

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