Fear Made Love Real for Jesus

Last week, we talked about how when Jesus needed a miracle he was afraid. He was afraid for the 4,000 people were following him. He was afraid that they would starve to death.

Meanwhile, the Pharisees, who were very privileged people— they dismissed Jesus’ miracle. They were like, “Oh, you’re GAWD. So you’re never afraid.”

What parent — when their child is in danger—is not afraid for their child?

For love to be real, the fear of losing who you love— must be as real.

Fear made love real for Jesus.

The fact that he was afraid— sitting there shaking, hungry, and freaking out that these thousands of people were going to starve to death on his watch… He knew he truly loved them— the moment he tasted that fear in his saliva. He knew he loved them the moment he felt that fear.

No army will bring down a king— but love will bring God down… to his knees.

I once saw God praying… on his knees… as my father lay dying in his hospital bed. That is love.

Fear is part of the power of love.

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