How to Deal with Complainers That Block Abundance

Complainers Block Your Abundance

In “How to Deal with Complainers That Block Abundance,” Pastor Vicky explores the concept of how complainers can hinder abundance in our lives and offers strategies to deal with them. She explains that complainers often pair up with heroes, who have a lot to offer, but they ultimately let others down and fail to reciprocate support. These individuals may appear sick or unprepared when they have been given an opportunity, yet they never say no to anything. They make false promises and manipulate others into feeling sorry for them.

Samuel and Saul

Using the biblical story of Samuel and Saul as an example, she highlights the importance of having a good “picker” and not choosing the wrong people to trust. She also discuss the difference between humility and being flippant, emphasizing that humility requires courage while being flippant is a form of cowardice.

Your Own Hero

Ultimately, the key is to recognize false promises and avoid becoming a “zero” by relying on others as heroes.

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