The Complainer’s Creed Will Make You A Slave

The Complainer’s Creed

“The Complainer’s Creed Will Make You A Slave” explains how complaining can lead to a slave mentality. Using the example of Saul, who had all the resources to fulfill his dreams as king, Pastor Vicky highlights how a complainer refuses to take action and instead offloads responsibilities onto others. Complainers always have excuses for not doing their part, constantly seeking to be victims rather than heroes.

Making Others Their Slave

By feeling sorry for and enabling complainers, others inadvertently become their slaves, constantly competing in the “Excuse Olympics” with never-ending excuses. Pastor Vicky emphasizes that being someone’s slave blocks abundance and she encourages listeners to break free from the mindset of a slave.

Slave Mindset

A slave mindset, passed down through generations, can be difficult to reverse. She advises against starting down this path because complaining perpetuates a slave-making mentality. Complainers are essentially trying to recruit others into this mindset, making them slaves to their negativity.

Breaking Free

Pastor Vicky suggests that individuals need to stop carrying the weight of complainers on their back and instead allow them to take responsibility for themselves. By doing so, one can break free from being a slave to constant complaints.

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