Father God Raises You To Fly Like An Eagle

The Realm of Father God

We have been talking about the Garden of Eden which is the realm of Mother God. The wilderness is the realm of Father God.

A mother is someone who gives you a flower and says, “Welcome Home.”

A father is someone who gives you a sword and says, “Now, get out there.”

Mother God nurtures and protects you.

Father God TRAINS and prepares you.

Mother God asks, “Yeah, but do you love yourself? That’s what’s important.”

Father God asks, “Yeah, but can YOU respect yourself? That’s what’s important.”

Mother God says, “Relax, it’s okay to lose yourself, sometimes, silly.”

Father God says, “Never forget who you are! If you don’t know who you are— how is Anyone. Else. Out. There. Gonna know who you are?”

Mother God keeps us safe where we can dream.

Father God pushes us out into LIFE where those dreams bleed in order to become real.

Mother God says, “It’s okay to give up a little of who you, to get along with others.”

Father God is, “Uh-uh. No.” Shaking his head “As soon as you give up a corner of who you are, they’re gonna want the whole tamale. Don’t give up who you are— SHOW ‘EM WHO YOU ARE.”

Father God Sets You Free

I remember in 8th grade telling my parents that I wanted to be a preacher, and that the church elders said that women can’t be preachers. My mother said, “Well, then don’t be a preacher if it’s too hard.”

My father said, “What do they know?”

When I told God the same thing, God in that moment— I had always felt him holding me like how I hold my koala bear— but in that moment, he took his arms off me, like he was setting me free. He said, “Vicky, they crucified my son. What do you think they will do to my daughter? If you have a dream, you are going to have to fight for the both of us.”

In that moment, God stopped being my mother protecting me. He started being my father— showing me how to protect him.

HIS dream was for US to be preachers. I was going to have to fight for the both of us. That’s a father.

A mother will nuture you as her dove.

A father will raise you into an eagle.

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