How to say “Happy Father’s Day” in Hawai’ian and ASL?

Our Hawaiian words of the week are “Happy Father’s Day.”

Happy in Hawaiian

Hau’oli means “happy.”

How you sign that is flatten your hands and brush up. [Watch video]

Father in Hawaiian

Makuakane means “father.”

Repeat after me. MAH-KOO-AH-KA-NEE

Ma-koo-ah Kah-nee

Again, Makua Kane. Makua means parent. Kane means man or male. The parent, makua, that is male, kane.

One more time, Makuakane

How you sign father is open your hand and touch your thumb to your forehead. [Watch video]

Day in Hawaiian

This is how you sign Day in Hawaiian. You make a D with your hand, place it on your elbow and make the sun go down. [Watch video]

Happy Father’s Day

Let’s put it all together. How you say Happy Father’s Day is Hau’oli lah Makuakane.

Which means happiness of father. There is no Day. It’s just “happiness of father.”

Repeat after me:

Hau’oli Lah Makua Kane

Hau’oli La Makuakane

Now, let’s add the sign language.

Hou’oli La makuakane (day) [Watch video]

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