A Special Father’s Day Blessing

3 Steps for a Special Father’s Blessing

Step 1: Write the full first, middle and last name of someone who was a father to you.

It could be your actual father or someone who pushed you— to be …yourself. Write their name. (Examples: Gay Uncle Joe, my 2nd grade teacher, my cousin Jane, my dog Shaggy)

Step 2: Write the moment that person let you know, that they believed in who you are.

What was the moment— that person put the baton in your hand, handed you the mantle of leadership, or let you know— that you have a duty to be who really are, who you were meant to be— and that they believe in you?

Step 3: What did that moment give to you?

Courage? Faith in yourself? Hope?

The Blessing

The power is in the name. Especially if you are a father. In the name of your father, you shall be anointed today.

I have a gold goblet of holy water sprinkled with frankincense, myrrh and peppermint oil. In a few minutes, when you say your father’s name, I will sprinkle it on Koala Bear— who represents your inner child.

Today, the soul of your father figure will anoint you— not as his child, but as his protector— a protector of his pride—

A protector of his masculine pride in who you have become.

Because the person or animal who fathered you— is proud of you.

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