Does helping loved ones shine or dim your inner light?

Last week, we talked about miracles. Remember the Hawaiian word for miracle? Hana mana. Or as my mother pronounces it, marijuana.

I want to offer you my opinion, which is my opinion, it’s not a teaching or a spiritual principle. Then, I want you to form your own opinion.

Last week, I suggested that when people realize that you have the heart of a saint, or that you won’t say no, you’re always full of unconditional love and support— that just like Elijah— from last week’s bible story— they’re always asking you to perform miracles for them. And my suggestion is that when people ask you for help or to perform another miracle for them, you can say:

I help you when it increases and shines my inner light.

Please write that in your journal. Just like Mechelle said last week, she feels this inner urge to help someone. She can feel her inner light shining when she helps them.

Or, you can say:

I don’t help you when it dims my inner light.

Please write that in your journal. This is called a boundary. This ensures that when you perform a miracle such as being kind-hearted and loving— that God is honored.

The part of God who lives within you wants to be honored for doing a miracle. For being kind, for loving someone.

In my opinion, it is not true that God does not want to be appreciated. God wants a relationship. There is never once that God wanted to be invisible.

In my opinion— help people when it honors God.

Remember last week, Catherine was saying that people were asking her to help them— in a way that didn’t honor God. She knew this, because inside, she didn’t feel honored.

In my opinion, when you help people in a way that honors yourself, which the same thing as honoring God— you are shining your light.

Otherwise, you are sacrificing your light. Sacrifice is very beautiful because when we sacrifice, we burn our light until it’s gone. But before you make your choice between sacrifice and shining, I just wanna say— that while sacrifice is beautiful, shining your light— makes you successful.

Last week in the story of Elijah, no one cared that he sacrificed his back to do the miracle. They wanted to see him strutting down the street— glowing like a rock star— after his miracle.

They didn’t want to see him hobbling down the street complaining about his lower back— after his miracle.

People want your help when it makes you a rock star.

They don’t want your help when it makes you crippled.

People want to worship you for your super powers.

They don’t want to feel sorry for you because you have super powers.

For Catherine, they don’t want her to be a suffering saint. They want her to be a shining saint.

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