How Angels Can Help You Deal with Disappointment

How Angels Can Help You Deal with Disappointment

In “How Angels Can Help You Deal with Disappointment,” Pastor Vicky addresses the topic of disappointment and how it can affect our motivation. She shares a personal story of a friend who left an abusive relationship and ended up in a less desirable situation. However, through a conversation with God, her friend realizes that the upgrade in getting out of the abusive relationship is more significant than the downgrade in material possessions.

Shut Up Angel

Pastor Vicky then introduces the concept of a “shut up angel” who reminds people to focus on the positive and let go of complaints. She encourages the audience to write down one thing they are disappointed by and then shift their focus to the upgrade in that situation.

Focus on The Upgrade to Manifest

Next, Pastor Vicky encourages viewers to start small and write down the smallest and most immediate upgrade they have noticed in their lives. She suggests writing it in a journal and also on a Post-It note to remind oneself of the upgrade. By letting go of disappointment and focusing on the upgrades, one can start experiencing delight. She also mentions an upgrade form from the “Angel of Abundance” and suggests filling it out, lighting a candle, and symbolically mailing it to the “Heavenly Upgrade Department” for manifestation.

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