How to Use Your Instruction Angels

Instruction Angels

In this video, “How to Use Your Instruction Angels,” Pastor Vicky explains the concept of using instruction angels to override negative thoughts and activate abundance in life. She shares that angels are mentioned in various religious texts and are believed to be there to help humans when called upon.

Angels at Work

These angels can help override the reptilian brain and give instructions to the 30 trillion cells in the body. By announcing one’s desires and goals to the instruction angels, they can activate abundance and attraction powers. Pastor Vicky also emphasizes the importance of leaving a margin of time or space in one’s schedule for rest and reflection. Finally, she encourages the audience to write down daily goals for the next six days as a way to practice focusing their intentions and overriding negative thoughts.

Calling on Angels for Daily Goals

Pastor Vicky goes on to discuss the role of instruction angels and how to use them to achieve daily goals. She advises calling upon these angels every morning and asking for instructions to guide your day. She also emphasizes the importance of hope in receiving instructions, suggesting that sometimes hope needs to be given before instructions can be received. She recommends staying still and open to receiving instructions, likening it to how her dog Walter stays still to intercept the instruction angels. \

Pastor Vicky concludes by highlighting the seriousness with which the instruction angels take your requests and encourages honoring their efforts to receive more support. She suggests focusing on angels for the next two weeks to enhance your connection with them.

Attracting Angels

In the final part of the video, Pastor Vicky emphasizes the power of positive thoughts and how they attract angels, while negative thoughts attract demons. She encourages viewers to pump themselves up with positive thoughts throughout the day, even in mundane situations like the parking lot or bathroom stall. She also advises not to blame others for their negative behavior, but instead to focus on bringing in abundance and thriving with the help of abundance angels.

Overall, the message is to reject pity parties and embrace a mindset of abundance as a child of God.

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