Angels Are God’s Insurance Policy

100 Cookies Miracle

A lot of us think that God can wave a magic wand and poof— a hundred cookies appear out of nowhere.

God can’t do that. God can only do miracles through you. You’re the only miracle in this world that God needs.

When God wants 100 cookies to appear out of nowhere, she calls the angels to send a delivery or to make it happen— but she still has to rely on angels to do this. She can’t do it herself.

She needs you… to experience the miracle.
She needs you… to become her miracle.

You Are The Miracle

I know that you were taught to ask for a miracle, or to get God to do a miracle for you— you are the miracle. God is witnessing, in wonder, the miracle of you. As her miracle, you will show the world, what God can do… through you.

The world will go, “What’s the big deal? People bake cookies everyday.”

Yeah… But when you bake cookies, God thinks it’s really cute. God thinks it’s special when you do it. Because to God, it’s special for her to witness you being her miracle… baking cookies.

We said last week, God’s one true desire is to experience being you… with all your limitations. Because that’s the way that you experience life.

Please write this in your journal:

God can only do miracles through me. I am the only miracle in this world — God needs.

Angels Are God’s Insurance Policy

We said last week that, God is human. Our humanity is what makes us God. People think that being God means omnipotent, powerful, untouchable.

Yet God over and over again, through every spiritual master in every religious tradition, has asserted that she wants to be touched. Her power lies, not in being in control, but in being free.

Control comes from the assumption that things are not good, so you have to control them.

Freedom comes from the assumption that things are good, so you have to experience them.

That’s why God created angels. Because they are God’s insurance policy that no matter what happens— the goodness within everything— is being supported.

There are angels everywhere supporting the goodness in the world.

Do you remember Mr. Roger’s? When he was a boy, he would see scary things on the news. His mother would say, “Whenever you see trouble, you always see people helping. Look for the helpers. There are always helpers.”

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