How to say “activate” in Hawaiian and ASL


Our Hawaiian word of the week is “Activate!” How you say that in Hawaiian is ho’oikaika.

Ho’o means “to bring.”

Ikaika means “strength” or “strong.”

To bring strength— means “activate!”

So remember, it’s not bringing weakness that activates something. Bringing strength activates it.

When you want to bring something to life— do you say, “Hey! Hey! Bring me some weakness!”

No, no, you say, “Bring me strength!” That’s how you activate.

Say this with me, ho’o ikaika. One more time, ho’o ikaika. Again, ho’o ikaika.

American Sign Language (ASL)

The way you sign ho’oikaika is: you point your finger, stick it in between your ring and middle finger. Do a quick twist. [see video]

Then you circle both your hands in the air.

Practice Activating

What things would you like to activate? Probably your prayers.

So when I ask you a question, you are going to answer, “Why wait! Activate!”

Then, you’re going to do the sign and say, “Ho’oikaika!” Try that with me— why wait, activate. “Ho’oikaika!”

Good. Let’s begin our practice.

Gosh, there’s this money angel hovering above your head. He wants to know if you want your abundance now— or do you wanna wait?

Why wait! Activate! Ho’oikaika!

Hey, God is going to fill your body with love, light and healing energy, but I told him you’re going through chemo and super busy. He wants to know, do you want to get healed today— or do you wanna wait?

Why wait! Activate! Ho’oikaika!

Did you see that meteor shower??? The sky is filled with the energy of Christ. Do you wanna go outside to look at it and transform your consciousness— or do you wanna wait?

Why wait! Activate! Ho’oikaika!

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