How to say “like” in Hawai’ian and ASL


Our Hawaiian word of the week is makemake, which means “like.”

As in, I like myself, I like you, I like to eat apples.

Repeat after me: makemake

Makemake also means: Desire, want, wish; to want, prefer, wish: willing to

Such as E mālama ʻia Kou makemake, which means Thy will be done— or “whatever you like.”

E malama ‘ia kou makemake, Thy Will be done— Whatever you like babe, it’s done!

Say that again, Makemake.

Sign language

How you sign makemake or “like” is— put your hand on your chest. Pull your hand out while making your middle finger and thumb come together— like you’re grabbing a thread.


Let’s practice using makemake in a sentence. I will ask you a question and you answer using the word and the sign for makemake. When I ask, you’re going to answer, okay? Here we go.

Why do you always look so happy?

I makemake myself.

Why does everything always go so well for you?

I makemake my life.

Why are you so resilient?

I makemake who I am.

I like myself

I like my life

I like who I am.

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