In The Garden of Eden, Adam Was Happy but Eve Wanted More

Adam and Eve, A Bible Story

Let’s return to our bible story where Adam and Eve are banished from the Garden of Eden into the wilderness. Even though it doesn’t say where they came from or how they were created, in the book of Genesis in the Bible, it says that there were other people on Earth besides Adam and Eve. I can only imagine the conversations they are having with Adam and Eve—

When they ask, “So Adam, so Eve— where are you guys from?”

Adam replies, “The garden of Eden, where our every need was taken care of.”

Their neighbors and community members reply, “That sounds amazing. Why did you leave?”

Eve replies, “It wasn’t that amazing. There was zero reality. We never did anything.”

Adam retorts, “We didn’t have to do anything. We were in bliss 24/7. We played with animals. We walked around in the natural beauty and abundance of the earth. There was gold in the ground.”

Eve says, “Yeah. But we didn’t do anything. We didn’t have jobs.”

Adam says, “We didn’t need to have a job.”

Eve says, “I never saw a bill. So I had zero idea what housing costs, what food costs, what clothing costs.”

Adam says, “We didn’t pay bills. We didn’t need to have financial training, until we got out here to the wilderness.”

Eve says, “Yeah. But the Garden of Eden was really the mommy show. It was all about God’s goodness. God this and God that. I was so sick of God being the source of everything. Everything in Eden— emanates God energy.”

Their neighbors say, “Sounds amazing.”

Adam says, “It was amazing.”

Eve says, “It was amazing, but after a while— and there’s no sense of time there, but after a while, I was bored.”

Adam says, “I was not bored.”

Eve says, “I felt trapped. Like, this is all there is— goodness. There’s nothing to do there, nothing to work for, nothing to earn, nothing to struggle for, or strive after. No challenge, no problems. Just the same old same old, every day. I felt limited, like I couldn’t grow or…. even the animals, remember Adam? I kept asking the moose, ‘Hey do you want to learn salsa dancing or some new tricks? Do you ever wonder what you’re capable of? Don’t you want to evolve?’

And the moose wasn’t interested. No one was interested— the gold fish, the birds, the goats— no one wanted anything more from their lives. I felt like— it was going to be the same thing, for eternity. If I didn’t do something, I was going to be stuck here forever.

And we could’ve been stuck there forever— because no matter what we did or didn’t do— we would always be taken care of.”

The neighbors and Adam are like, “What’s wrong with that?”

My Soul yearned for more

Eve says, “My ego was happy and well-fed. My soul yearned for more.

My ego loved being taken care of by someone else. My soul wanted to take care of myself.

My ego loved someone else making me happy all the time. My soul longed to be the source of my own happiness.

In the same way that God is the source of happiness for us, my soul wanted to be the source of happiness— for others.

My ego wanted to stay in the garden of Eden. My soul was ready to leave.

Please write this in your journal: When big shifts happen in my life, it means my soul is ready.

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