When You Leave Your Mommy in the Garden of Eden, Your Real Life Begins

I want my mommy to do it for me

It’s very tempting to want to be mommied. I pray all the time, Lemme win the lotto, please. Just give it to me. I don’t want to work for it.

But… when you choose to start living your real life it’s going to feel like you’re leaving everything behind, having to cut your losses and start all over again. While the garden of Eden feels like a lotto ticket. The wilderness where your real life begins feels like leaving everything behind and starting all over again.

When you are on the journey to live your real life— you don’t need a mommy to baby you. You need a mother to teach you wisdom. To be savvy, to strategize, to sharpen your intellect—

A mommy teaches you how to enjoy being a powerless baby, like somebody’s pet, but a mother teaches you how to be powerful. Babe, when you start living your real life— you will… and I repeat… you will become powerful.

Your soul is power

Don’t be afraid of power. It’s your soul.

Your soul is naturally powerful and it will call you out into the wilderness to start living your real life. As soon as you leave the Garden of Eden, you will be like— what the heck did I just do???

But your soul will say, “You’re living your real life now. You’re scared of what you’ve never experienced— the feeling of power beneath your wings. Let the Mother of God be the breath beneath your wings. Let her breathe into you.

Let her breathe your soul back into your life.

In the Garden you didn’t need your power. Now, you do. You know what else you didn’t need in the Garden? You didn’t need love, a house, a car, a dog, friends, children, a business, recognition, fame, purpose, meaning or legacy. All that stuff is here, in the wilderness. And it’s yours. Everything in the garden was Mommy’s. It was God’s. Here… here in the wilderness… it’s yours.

In the wild sky— the limitless horizons— you’re gonna feel your soul— this wind, this breath beneath your wings.

You will be able to walk again, but I swear to you, you won’t.

You will choose to soar.

Where in your life do you feel like you’re starting over again? It could be starting a new career, finding a job, losing weight, sending your son off to college, growing your business… Please share comments below.

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