Cutting Your Losses and Starting Over Again


Sometimes God needs to mommy you— maybe you have a major illness, you’re going through a bad breakup, you just lost a loved one— that’s when God needs to mommy you.

You might say, “No, no, no. I’m ready to walk again on my own! I want to charge out there and get back into the game of life!”

But God, as your mommy, might say, “Sweetie, you’re in no shape to re-injure yourself. You’re breaking my heart— hobbling around on your bad knee. I’m not gonna let you go out there and get eaten by wolves.”

That’s when God keeps you in a safe quiet space away from everyone else— so that you can heal.

When Mother God is mommying you, she keeps you in a bubble of positive energy— like the Garden of Eden.

The Garden of Eden is 100% positive vibes. There is no stress in the Garden of Eden. They’re 100%— POSITIVITY! The Garden of Eden is a vacation from real life. All you gotta do is rest, relax, and heal from your wounds. The motto of the Garden of Eden is, “Do nothing. God, your mommy, is gonna take care of all your needs.” God loves mommying you.

You’re all grown up now and when you act like her little baby again, she gets to play Mommy and feel needed by you all over again. God, as your mommy, will never kick you out of the Garden of Eden. You can stay in mama’s house, forever.

When your soul is ready

When you’re ready…let me rephrase that, when your soul is ready, you might not be ready, but when your soul is ready, it’s time to start living your real life. It’s time to leave the boring safety of the Garden of Eden— where your every need was taken care of— and go out into the real world.

Facing the real world

In the real world you don’t have a mommy taking care of of your every need. The real world is not the Garden of Eden. Your kitty litter does not replenish itself automatically, your meals are not provided for you, you don’t get complimented on your cute pajamas every morning.

In the Garden of Eden, God mommies you, so God takes care of all your needs. In the real world, you have to take care of your own needs.

Just when like Adam and Eve chose to leave the Garden of Eden, they had to start taking care of their own needs. When you choose to start living your real life, it’s going to feel like you’re leaving everything behind, having to cut your losses and start all over again. Your real life is not an extension of the Garden of Eden where God continues to take care of all your needs.

Your real life begins in the wilderness where you start learning how to take care of your own needs. It sounds very very harsh.

Mother God

In actuality, Mommy God turns into Mother God. When Mommy God turns into Mother God, she stops mommying and babying you and starts mothering you— giving you the wisdom to create abundance.

In other words, when God is your mommy, you live in her garden. When God is your mother, she teaches you how to grow your own gardens— many, many of them.

A mommy creates a baby. A mother creates other mothers.

And we all know what a MUHTHUR looks like— she looks like she can take care of her own needs, thank ya’ very much.

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