Jesus became The Messiah in the Wilderness

When Jesus Became The Messiah

Jesus did not become the Messiah when he was hung upon the cross. He became the Messiah in the wilderness when he was fasting for 40 days. He was the Messiah before others knew he was the Messiah. He had to know it, before they knew it.

Please write this in your journal:

I have to know who I am, before anyone else can know who I am. And I have to know it, 100%. Because there will come a day, when they forget who I am and I’m going to have to remind them.

In other words, you have to be akamai.

The wilderness when Jesus was alone, with no disciples, no followers, no food, no water— was when he could finally focus on just himself.

I think of the time when my father died and my mother was all alone. She had lost the bedrock of her life— and she was terrified… to have this all this time… to just focus on herself.

In the wilderness, Jesus wasn’t just counting the days. He was counting the hours, the minutes, the seconds. He was starving, so he was counting. Never before in his life had time meant SO much. Every second counts. He realized the gift of time.

The Gift of Time

How much time means to the human soul. We are but sparks of light in a vast sea of souls— time is the only thing we have— to make a difference in this world. In the wilderness, time matters.

And in the wilderness, time is yours.

Which means— your time matters.

Please write this in your journal:

In the wilderness, my time matters.

In the Garden of Eden, do you know how much time I spent taking care of others? 26 years. Didn’t matter. In the wilderness, my time matters— every minute, every hour— of my life— matters.

I never mattered in the Garden of Eden. Now, every minute of my life matters to me and to others.

That’s the gift of time.

It makes you grateful, for your time.

Please write this in your journal: Every minute of my life matters.

I know there’s pressure out here in the wilderness, but without that pressure, you wouldn’t know how much you’re worth.

You’re worth every minute of your life.

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