Our Church Invites You To Question Your Faith And Your Truth

Welcome To A New Kind of Church

In conventional churches, you do not have the space to question truth. In our church, I welcome you to expand what you know as truth. To expand your knowing until it includes the whole universe. Then you will know that the whole universe was designed to love you.

When your truth expands, your soul expands, and you come into Oneness with the universe.

Therefore in our church, I welcome you to question… Question your truth. Question your faith.

Because questioning will make your truth and your faith stronger.

The first question children naturally ask when they first learn how to talk is “Why?” They want to know why and when you answer them, they keep asking “Why?”

“Why” is a form of discovery. Truth is so deep that the more you ask “why” the deeper it reveals its secrets to you.

Faith is so deep that they more you ask “why” the deeper your faith reveals its infinite power to heal.

In conventional churches, they don’t invite you to ask why. Perhaps it is because they are afraid that at the heart of their faith is a void of mysteries that are unfathomable and unanswerable.

In our church, I invite you to ask “why.” I am not afraid of what you will discover at the heart of your faith, because at the heart of your heart is God.

I invite you to take the any route you want to arrive at the heart of your heart. Question, doubt, argue, rage, scream— you will always arrive at the same place the deeper you dig— you will only find God there waiting to question, doubt, argue, rage and scream along with you.

The deeper you go into your fear, you will find your faith. It is when we resist our fear that we turn towards our addictions and co-dependencies.

Here at Hale Ho’onani, we are opening a space for us to question and doubt— because that will expand our minds— it will help us see things we never considered before.

It will make our faith real. It will make our truth real.

God is real.

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