Losing Your Identity When You Lose Part Of Your Body


Sometimes, people get stuck on how you look on the outside— and they don’t let themselves see what you’re experiencing on the inside. Does this sound familiar to you?

Think of a time in your life when someone close to you— refused to let you change their definition of who you are. When they didn’t believe you when you told them that you were not happy. Or that you were suffering. Or that you needed to change. Write that in your journal.

Your Body

Today we are going to talk about what happens when you need to lose a part of your body or a part of who you are— in order to grow… and heal.

Your body represents your identity.

Your body identifies you as male, female, nonbinary. It identifies your race, your age, your ethnicity. Your body carries all the markers of your identity and the identities of your ancestors.

When you lose part of your body, you lose part of your identity. When you lose weight, you lose your hair, your lose your teeth, you lose the use of your legs—all these things change your identity.

When we refuse to allow our bodies to change, we are refusing to allow our identity to change. When we allow our bodies to change, we allow our identity to change.

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