What is the Spiritual Meaning of Hair?

Sofia’s Orange Hair

Sofia’s hair is a major part of her identity. It is massive and orange. She can flip it, curl it, braid it, shake it— and wield it as a weapon to seduce and then strangle her male prey.

It is a statement piece. You can see Sofia from across a parking lot with that bright orange flame of hair coming out of her head like the sunrise.

Her hair is a crown. A crown signals royalty.

Maya Angelou says that your hair is your glory.

Sofia Surrenders

This past Monday, Sofia removed her crown of braids. She surrendered her glory. She cut her long wild hair.

Now it is short, manageable, and controlled instead of growing curly and meandering in many directions at the same time. The stubble on her head grows straight in one direction.

Metaphysically, your hair represents your power.

When power takes the form of sheer will and might— it resides in your gut, your stomach. When power takes the form of fun— it resides in your hair.

Your personal power is your stomach.

Your worldly power is your hair.

Monks shave their head. They give up their worldly possessions and their worldly power in order to humble themselves. When you give up your hair, you give up your worldly power. Monks shave their head to save their souls.

Sofia shaves her head to save her life.

Sofia’s worldly power was an orange flame burning bright, meandering, curly, wavy, going in all directions at the same time. When the winds of change blew through her life, her worldly power was all over the place.

Now her worldly power is straight, controlled, manageable, growing in one direction. No matter how much the conditions of the world change, her worldly power does not move. It is stable.

She used to have a lot of loose ends. Now she has roots.

I wonder what will happen to her life path, now that she has harnessed her worldly power in this manner? Now that her worldly power isn’t all over the place, scattered in many directions? Less attractive, but more focused. Tell me, is it worth the sacrifice?

Now think about your own hair.

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