Unlocking the Secret of Bad Habits: Ask God

Blaming Yourself for a Bad Habit

In Unlocking the Secret of Bad Habits: Ask God, Pastor Vicky discusses the relationship between God and a person’s bad habits.

She shares her experience of helping her friend who was struggling with anger. The friend asked the pastor why he was always so angry, and Pastor Vicky suggested that they ask God for an answer.

A Prayer, An Answer

In their prayer, God revealed to the friend that his anger was better than being depressed. The friend realized that his anger was motivating him to get out of bed and start his day, whereas when he was depressed, he would stay in bed all day.

Pastor Vicky then shares her own experience of feeling stressed out about applying for jobs. She stayed up for three nights eating donuts and worrying, but on the fourth day, she finally felt like she could relax and let go. She believes that God was enjoying the process of watching her struggle and then overcome her challenges.

Pastor Vicky concludes by saying that God is always with us, even when we are making mistakes or feeling bad about ourselves. He is always ready to help us if we are willing to ask for it.

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