Why Do You Have A Crisis When Your Life Changes?

Why do you have an internal crisis when your life is about to change? It’s because you’ve spent too much time in Time Out.

Time Out is whenever you take a break from living your real life.

Let’s say you’re a journalist. But in the middle of your career you fall in love and take time out to get married and have kids. You create a garden of Eden for your family— a wonderful sanctuary where your children can grow up. But as soon as they leave the nest, guess what?

There is no more reason for you to be in Time Out. The whole point of you taking time out from your life path was to raise those kids. Once those kids are raised— God will tag you back in and say— Time IN.

It’s time to go back IN— to focusing on yourself— instead of someone or something else.

Do you remember a time in your life when you took Time Out? When…

You burnt out.

You got injured or sick and you just had to rest and rehab yourself?

A desert period in your life, maybe after a break up?

Sometimes a Time Out is relaxing and peaceful— a safe space to hide from the world. Sometimes, a Time Out is full of partying and glamour. Do anything— but the one thing you are meant to do. Sometimes, a Time Out is a time of seeking like going to school or going on a spiritual pilgrimage. Sometimes, a Time Out is care-taking someone else— like an aging parent. But for whatever reason— you’re NOT focused on living your actual life purpose.

You’re either distracting yourself with someone else or something else, or you’re taking a break from your life.

Right now, write in your journal— or post a comment about your current or most recent Time Out.

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