In Your Moment of Glory, You Choke Up

Cher in Time Out

Last week, we talked about how our church member whom you’ve never met because she doesn’t show her video on our Zoom calls— her name is Cher— how we prayed for her to get a job, so that she could move far away and get out of her dead beat town.

After years of searching for a job, as soon as we prayed for her, she got an amazing job offer. But instead of being excited, she’s scared. She’s scared of living her real life, because she’s been in Time Out for so long.

Time Out is when you are taking a break from your real life. You’re in a dead end job. You’re in a dead end relationship. You’re in a dead end town. You’re in a dead place in your life, kinda going nowhere. But you know what? It’s your comfort zone.

Time In is when you’re finally going somewhere in your life— but…. it’s scary to try something new.

You’ve been in Time Out for such a long time, you don’t know if you have it in you— to get up, get out there and show ‘em what you got. When you leave Time Out, it’s like leaving the Garden of Eden— and going out into the Wilderness.

Time Out is Eden.

Time In is the wilderness.

You will cry

When you first leave the garden of Eden and go out into the wilderness, what happens? At first, it’s a lot of hard work and you’re going to feel so new to all this, you will probably cry. Just like when I graduated from seminary, I had a master’s degree in my hand, but I was crying.

When Cher got that amazing job offer, she started to cry. We both should have been celebrating, but instead we were mourning. The reason is because as soon as you get out into the wilderness, you don’t know what to do.

Jim’s cat

Jim just told me that his cats have been waiting their whole lives to go outside. Now, they finally have their chance because his mother, their grandma Mary Pat is staying with them. The cats notice— hey she’s elderly and much slower than our parents. It takes her thirty seconds to get out the front door. That’s thirty seconds the front door is wide open. Wow!

As soon as the door opens, they rush past her— and once they’re outside…

They have no idea what to do next. They were waiting their whole lives for this moment— here it is.

That’s like us. We pray and pray our whole lives. “Meow! Meow! Meow!” When our moment of glory finally arrives— we choke up.

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