Do Angels Exist?

The Existence of Angels

In “Do Angels Exist?,” this video discusses the existence of angels, drawing from the experiences and teachings of Lorna Byrne. Lorna claims to have the ability to see angels. According to Lorna, each person has a guardian angel that stays with them throughout their lives. These angels radiate compassion and love, unconditionally supporting and guiding individuals without judgment. Lorna describes various types of angels with different skills and appearances, including an angel of hope. She explains that angels are present in every aspect of life, helping people in both mundane tasks and challenging situations. Furthermore, there are healing angels that can be called upon by one’s guardian angel. Lorna suggests that all we have to do is ask for their assistance.

Angels and Their Roles

In the next part, Pastor Vicky discusses different types of angels and their roles. Teacher angels are described as angels that help individuals learn and study various subjects, such as math or dance. These teacher angels can be asked for by simply requesting them from one’s guardian angel. Pastor Vicky also mentions an angel of strength, who has a masculine appearance and can partially step into a human body to provide strength. Prayer angels are described as a constant flow of hundreds of thousands of angels, moving like a stream of light and bringing people’s prayers to God. She also mentions unemployed angels, who are said to be released into humanity to help people in need.

Pastor Vicky emphasizes that angels are everywhere and can be called upon for assistance at any time, but it is important to pay attention to one’s feelings, thoughts, and be grateful for their guidance.

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