God Relies on Angels to Organize Your Life and You Can Too!

An Angel is Holiness

What an angel represents is the holiness within every act. There is an angel seeing every unknown aspect of God within the act.

Holiness is the realization that everything you do— you do not do alone. There is an angel there.

Everything you do God does with you. God is experiencing its god-self— through you. God is not judging what you are doing.

God is experiencing what you are doing.

Please write that in your journal: God is not judging what I am doing. God is experiencing what I am doing.

I think the difference between us and God is that when we do things, we think we’re doing them by ourselves. But when God does things, she knows that there are angels helping her.

Please write in your journal: When God does things with me, she knows there are angels helping us.

God is here for the experience of being you

God’s ultimate experience is to be you. Everyone on earth is trying to be someone else, or a different version of themselves. But God is here on earth just to be you—as you are, now.

We want to do all these things— be successful, find love…

But God only wants… to be— you. God’s only need is to experience— you.

Imagine God, right now, like you’d imagine an angel… this angel doesn’t have any goals, doesn’t have things that have to get done. She only knows that when you have to get something done, she wants to make sure that you don’t lose who are you. That you aren’t lost when you’re paying bills— but that you remember, that this is YOU, in the midst of this conundrum of how to pay your bills.


It’s not the bills that matters. It’s you.

It’s the YOU who is having this experience— and it is God who is having this experience— God looks down and sees the bill in your hand and she sees the same bill in her hands. And it’s that moment right there… pause… and freeze this frame in your mind.

God doesn’t see the bill. She sees this moment of grace. She sees in this moment, that she gets to be YOU… holding a bill in her hand.

She gets to be you.

And the moment you begin to focus on the bill, and not yourself who’s holding this bill— whoosh!

You forget an angel is holding your hand that is holding that bill.

And the bill is not important. It is the angel holding your hand that is important. God experiences herself as you, every day. Sometimes, she doesn’t figure out a way to pay your bill because she had an experience of an angel holding your hand. She didn’t really experience the bill.

This is exactly what God does. She doesn’t focus on paying the bill. She focuses on the angel holding your hand. And the angel will go and find a way to encourage you to do the right steps to pay your bill. But God is waiting for the angel to guide the both of you— how to pay this bill. God is not relying on herself or even relying on you to pay the bill.

God is relying always on angels

Angels are our tour guides in life. God didn’t want to have to do all the planning and organizing when she got here. She wants to just enjoy the ride— so the two of you can relax and enjoy this pilgrimage, this journey, this vacation, or work project— whatever your life path is.

She doesn’t want you to be constantly be asking questions, “What happens next? What’s the plan?”

God is like, “Let’s enjoy being together… and the angels will line up what’s next for us.”

God relies on thousands of angels to organize your life— so that she can enjoy the ride with you.

Watch the video for an extra angel story and post your comments below.

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