God’s Biggest Moment In Your Life

God just wants to stand in the rain

The world will try to take the YOU out of everything you do. The world will try to separate you from yourself— and then… make you go do things. The world will try to make everything in your life about the experience, not about YOU having the experience.

The world will make you irrelevant— and everything else relevant.

But God is trying to do the opposite. God is trying to reverse every equation that society has taught you.

The world makes it important what kind of job we have. God makes it important that YOU are in your job. The job is not defining who you are. You are defining the job.

The world thinks it’s important that you learn to walk. Think of a child who has Down syndrome. The doctors will say Down Syndrome is determining her ability to walk. This is you in costume. The costume that this little girl is wearing is Down Syndrome.

Down’s Syndrome

The costume that God is wearing is YOU.

If you were this little girl— God and you are wearing the costume of Down syndrome. The reason you and God chose this costume is because when you walk with this costume, it teaches you to appreciate each time your toe has to curl, each pressure point on the bottom of your foot, every dip in the road or rock that you have to step over. You notice details you would never notice if you didn’t have this costume.

Everyone else takes walking for granted. But you wanted to feel what it’s like— to really walk. To re-learn walking, every day.

What if each day were new? You woke up and you couldn’t walk? You had to pay attention and re-learn it every day? Then, how grateful would you be for your feet?

Maybe God just wanted to experience having FEET in your life. Not hands, not washing cars, not going to college— just having FEET.

Feet are really important. Without our feet, we cannot touch the ground. The ground is what holds us.


Or, maybe God wants to experience sadness. Everyday. To hear the layers of that song. To hear sadness as one hears a symphony. All the parts of the orchestra. Playing in her soul, over and over again, to listen to sadness— as though it were a song.

Just one Thing

The world wants us to be productive. To do as many things as possible. But God just wants to do ONE thing. Just one thing. Or one thing at a time. But one thing, not many things.

That’s what angels teach us. That each action, each moment, each thought— one at a time— is what matters.

It’s not everything all at once that matters.

It’s just ONE thing— one thing, that helps God experience the power of your soul, to enjoy the beauty of your soul, to feel the joy of your soul, to feel the laughter of your soul, to know the hopelessness of your soul.

In God’s mind— your soul has a gorgeous tone, a color, and it possesses an ocean. Instead of your sadness, there are waterfalls. Inside of your rage, there are storms. Inside of your strife, there is wind. Inside of your peace, there is a meadow.

God is here, inside of you savoring, each essence of your soul… one… at… a… time.

God is taking her time, savoring you. You are her treasure of beingness.

God’s Desire

God can wait for hours… there was a time in your youth… where God waited for hours, nervously pacing, sweating, and then finally— this girl she had a crush on, arrived. The first day that God touched a girl’s hand and held it in the rain.

That’s what God is after. She will wait all day and all throughout your entire puberty— for that one event.

You might be comparing yourself to your older brother who started a software company and made millions of dollars in his youth— and what did you do in your youth? You held a girl’s hand in the rain.

And God would say, “YES.” I wanted to experience you— touching a girl’s hand in the rain. I wanted this, what your older brother’s millions of dollars could never buy— the way she looked at us with her gray eyes and when she saw me in your eyes, she saw that I am good.

You cannot buy desire.

To desire one thing, to be desired in return— desire is a trait of the human soul. You can’t get it or have it through your ego or your effort. None of your energy can earn you desire. You just have to be it.

You have to burn inside your soul for one thing— and that sacred flame within you will call forth the angels— the rain will begin to fall, the moon will peek out from behind the clouds, the starlight mixed with the humidity of the falling water on her cheek— and you, your skin burning in the moonlight— her gray eyes— the slickness of her skin— all of that— for a moment of desire, God has given up all your other quests…. to succeed, to get a degree, a job, to get an accolade— he spent your whole youth pining for one girl and then one night, she touched her hand.

You have to understand what God wants in your life— she wants to feel your soul — ALIVE.

Everything else that deadens your soul— God kind lets fall to the wayside. Instead she focuses on stroking that one sacred flame within you— because God wants to experience your soul burning and rising and descending. God wants to experience the world as YOU.

If something is not letting you be YOU, then it’s not letting God experience your life— as YOU.

God designed your life for you to have these moments of gratitude for being two things: alive and YOU.

Nothing else matters but God’s one true desire.

You— and no one— no one— will ever be able to compete with God’s one true desire. I dare you to try to make her give it up. She’s hyper focused on what her soul yearns for— to be you. For moments in your life, for the set-up and the allure and the seduction— everything is building up, building up, building up— for her moment.

The moment— that she gets to be YOU.

God’s biggest moments in your life isn’t your greatest achievement. It was holding a girl’s hand in the rain.

That…. was God.

And we bow to those moments. We bow in holy adoration for the moment that God became you.

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