What Is The Most Powerful Form of Prayer?

I Remember, A Bible Story

I remember when I was 14 years old, I went to summer camp and I had a crush on this guy. His name was Billy.

Billy got a girlfriend and they would go around the whole camp French kissing each other. I would go up to this mountain and read my bible and tell God how sad I was that Billy was tonguing this chick all over the campground.

In like 2 days, the whole camp— the whole camp except for me— got strep throat. So they banned kissing. No one was allowed to kiss anyone for the rest of the summer.

On Day 3, I go up the mountain, read my bible and tell God how happy I am that Billy can’t kiss nobody no more cuz he got strep throat.

I remember looking down from my mountain at the camp below me and I heard God whistling a tune, “nobody’s gonna kiss nobody. Nobody’s gonna kiss nobody.”

God sides with his playmate. Play play, my playmate. Nobody messes with God’s playmate. Not even Billy. Uh-uh-uh-hummmm. No billy can’t, no billy can’t. Uh-uh-uh-hummm.

Remember yourself at the age you were when you played with God. Do you remember anyone trying to mess with you at that time? What happened, when they tried?

Write it in your journal or share your story in comments.

Losing our magic

What happens later in life is we begin to lose our magic. We aren’t protected by a band of farting angels anymore when we stop playing with God. We tell God we don’t want to be his playmate anymore. Hey, God, let’s be coworkers— help me get a job, pay my bills, buy a house.

God becomes our coworker.

Then, we tell God— hey I need to raise my kids. Help me raise my kids. And God becomes our nanny.

Then, we tell God— hey I got sick from stress from my career. Help me heal. And God becomes our nurse.

And we tell God— I feel like my life isn’t meaningful anymore. Help me find meaning. And God becomes our coach.

And we make God into all these things and we forget that who God really is— is our playmate.

And who we really are— is God’s playmate.

Do you ever wonder why the world no longer feels fun anymore? It used to be where you and God played. The world used to be your playground— where you and God— STOPPED in the name of LUV— Billy from kissing anybody, but the back of his own hand.

You used to have fun with God.

You used to see the whole world— as a playground— for God and you to play.

Remember Mary and Lizzo— singing their Magnificat— Meanwhile, Zacharias is totally mute.

Remember me on the mountain. Meanwhile, Billy can’t kiss anybody.

Remember when you and God were in la-la land playing up a storm— anybody who wanted to pee on your parade— was cast aside and banished from your playground.

The Most Powerful Form of Prayer

Playing is the most powerful form of prayer that you can practice with God.

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