How to Remember When You and God Were Playmates


Remember our Hawaiian word-of-the-week, Pa’ani? Play? In old Hawai’i, play was an essential way to help children develop focus, strategy and will power.

If something is fun, you do it over and over again. Over time, you learn to master it.

When you learn to master playing with God, your faith becomes focused, strategic, and powerful.

Do you remember the 3 adjectives you wrote in your journal earlier?

When I am playing with God, I am: __________, _______, and ______. When you play with God, your faith becomes these 3 things.

Please write in your journal:

When I play with God, my faith becomes ____, _____, and _____.

For the Virgin Mary, her statement would read, “When I play with God, my faith becomes fearless, fierce, and on fire.”

Follow your inspiration to share your story of playing with God in the comments below.

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