God Gives Jonah a New Job for the Apocalypse

Jonah Prophesizes

Jonah expresses his frustration with God’s suggestion for how he should prophesy to the Ninevites; Jonah wants to maintain his image and deliver his message with righteous indignation and elitism. However, God advises Jonah to wear comfortable clothes and expect success.

Jonah dismisses God’s suggestion and later recalls their conversation while inside the belly of a whale, dressed in an extravagant suit. God explains to Jonah that he needs to shift his perspective and prepare for the possibility of survival rather than expecting extinction.

God Instructs Jonah for the Apocalypse

Jonah is resistant and questions the effectiveness of prophesying without considering the complexities of creating systemic change. But God informs Jonah that he has a new job for the apocalypse. God explains that Jonah’s old job was to deliver harsh truths that people could barely handle. However, his new job involves rallying support and organizing fundraising events to bring people together. God assures Jonah that this time, the Israelites will have the entire world on their side, including their own oppressors.

Despite the impending apocalypse, God believes that the one percent who survives will rebuild the Earth with a message of hope and happiness. God encourages Jonah to start thinking that he will win because, ultimately, they will emerge victorious.

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