Crisis: Jonah’s Dark Night of the Soul

Jonah Trapped in the Belly of the Whale

In Crisis: Jonah’s Dark Night of the Soul, Pastor Vicky discusses Jonah’s experience in the whale as a metaphor for one’s own Dark Night of the Soul or personal spiritual crisis.

Similar to Jonah, people often resist being reminded of past painful experiences and trauma. They may have been in a different state of mind during those times, filled with anger and confusion. Jonah, being in the belly of the whale, starts to revert back to his angry and mean self. This version of him, pissed-off Jonah, is unwilling to collaborate or cooperate with his sworn enemy.

When You’re About To Win

Pastor Vicky suggests that when one is about to change their life and receive abundance, they may not envision themselves associating with certain people or accepting help in a certain way. However, she encourages people to embrace their new job as a winner and prophet of hope and happiness instead of dwelling on the past or resenting the circumstances of their transformation.

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