How to Bless Your Living Space

7 Steps to Bless Your Living Space

We have seven steps to bless our living space, apartment, townhouse or house; where ever you live. Let’s begin our house blessing ritual.

Step 1: Define your living space

Think of your living space. It can be your house, your apartment, your condo or your room if you live in a room in a house, hotel or transitional housing. If you’re in a military barracks or a college dorm, then it’s your bunk bed.

My friend Wendell lives in a van, so he’d think of his van. If you couch surf in someone else’s home, think only of your couch, not their whole home. If you are drifter, a nomad, who is backpacking across the country, think of your backpack, your sleeping bag and your tent. If you live on a boat, think of your boat. Don’t think about the entire harbor with all the boats surrounding you or the public restroom where you shower. Just think of your boat.

Think of your personal living space, right now.

Write, “My home is my _________________________.”

Then write down what your personal living space is: if it’s your boat, your room, your apartment, your condo, your van, your house, etc.

Step 2: What does your living space mean to you?

When you think of your living space, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? When you think of your home or where you live, what do you think of? What does your personal living space mean to you?

My home is _____ (fill in the blank).

Is it your sanctuary, your sacred space? Is it safety, a fortress, where you can lock yourself inside and be protected? Is it a party house or a gathering, where people come to socialize and get together? Do you see your home as an extension of your body? It’s old and constantly needs fixing? Or does your house represent your relationships?

For example, every time you were married, you lived in a big home. Every time you were single, you lived in a teeny tiny place.

What does your home represent to you? What does it offer you or mean to you? What is it extension of? Is it a reflection of your social status, your income? Is it safety, creativity, growth, conflict, feeling trapped?

Write in your journal, “My home is _____ (what my home means to me).”

Step 3: De-gunk your home

Next, we have to de-gunk your home. Just like we de-gunked your soul during our baptism ceremony last month. Today, we gotta de-gunk your living space.

De-gunk means to take the energies that you don’t want which are gunking up your living space— and spring clean them GONE.

Make a list of “BE GONE’S” —what you want to banish or be gone from your house.

Maybe it’s your memories of fighting with your teenage children. Or abuse of some sort from a relative. Maybe it’s the struggle to pay rent every month. Maybe it’s your ex.

Remember what gunk is? It’s just the gunk that gunks up, accumulated stress from the daily wear and tear of life. A build up of oldie moldy energies.

Write down your list of BE GONE’S. Whatever happened in this living space, that you want to ERASE. All yo’ bad memories! Write ‘em down now.

Step 4: Cremation Meditation

Okay, you got ‘em? Now we are going to do a meditation where we cremate your BE GONE’s.

Close your eyes and breathe in and out. Imagine that you are surrounded by hundreds of healing angels. They are emerald green in color. Here come some flaming red angels. 12 of them. What? What kind of angels are those? Are those… cremation angels? They are purification angels! This is the Refiner’s Fire, y’all. These angels represent the Sacred Flame!

And they have brought a guest! The keeper of the sacred flame, the Hawai’ian volcano goddess, Pele. Look at what she is wearing. Nothing. She’s naked and her hair is black dreadlocks of molten lava and there is gray smoke all around her body.

Here are you, surrounded by hundreds of green healing angels. Step forward. In the center of this circle is you, 12 red flaming angels and Pele, the volcano goddess AND… a funeral pyre.

We are going to burn your BE GONE’S, all your bad memories, on this funeral pyre.

Notice what it looks like. Is it wood? Is it coals? Is it a big hole or is it something you have to climb to the top?

Place your BE GONE’S on the funeral pyre.

Notice if they burn right away or is it slow burn? Does it give off a lot of smoke? Or does it explode instantly! Notice how long it takes for your BE GONE’S to be gone. Notice how you feel watching those bad memories burn. Do you feel love? Do you feel kinship? Do you feel grateful? Do you feel rage? Do you feel peace?

Hear the red flaming angels yelping their warrior cry!

Whenever you are ready, you can open your eyes. When we’re done today, I recommend you burn that page where you wrote your BE GONE’S in a safe environment such as your fireplace or in a metal bowl outside your house— not in a windy area.

Step 5: New Year’s Resolution

You know what ashes and charcoal does, right? It cleans the soil. When you get food poisoning or drink too much alcohol, you swallow charcoal pills or drink charcoal powder. It soaks up the poison inside of your body and you immediately don’t feel the effects of whatever poison you ingested. So charcoal is purifying to whatever you add to it. In this case, soil.

Your home was just a moment ago a funeral pyre of bad memories that were burning. It is now a garden with this purified cleansed soil in it. So let’s plant a seed.

What do you want for this year 2023? What are you manifesting?

This is kinda like your new year’s resolution. Or goals, do you have a relationship goal? An health goal? An abundance goal?

Try to keep it focused on one thing, because if you stay focused on growing one seed, that seed will grow into a flower that had many seeds.

For example, if you just stay focused on health, then everything else will follow— naturally, your relationships and your finances will get better. So try to focus on that one seed that begets all other seeds.

What is your goal or what are you manifesting for 2023?

In your journal, write, “2023 is my year of _______(what I want to manifest).”

Step 6: Prepare your Blessing

Now we are going to prepare your blessing.

In Step 1, you defined your living space—

My home is my _____ (house, apartment, condo, boat, couch, van, sleeping bag, room).

In Step 2, you wrote what your living space or your home means to you—

My home is ______(peace, security, fun, romance, love, history, family).

In Step 5, you wrote what you are manifesting this year—

2023 is my year of _______ (abundance, health, fame, success, money, love, partnership).

Now, choose some angels.

Do you want love angels, money angels, healing angels, motivation angels?

Here is how you write your blessing:

May my ____________ (your living space) be protected and blessed with ___________ (energy, emotion). I welcome and invite __________ (type of angels) angels to co-create ____________ (your New Year’s resolution) in my home.

For example, “May my condo be protected and blessed with inner peace. I welcome and invite money angels to co-create abundance in my home.”

You say this blessing in each room of your home while you use your blessing stick to sprinkle holy water in each room.

So, right now, write down your blessing for your living space.

Step 7: The Blessing

When we end our Sunday Service today, this is how you do your house blessing in-person.

The blessing is 2 parts: The first is removing negative energy. The second is adding positive energy.

Remove negative Energy

To remove negative energy from your home, you can use a bundle of dried sage, like I have here. Or, you can use incense. Or, a candle that you add a few drops of essential oils to. These three elements have a cleansing effect.

So you go from room to room in your home or just all around your living space. If you live from a backpack, get the smoke all around your backpack. Make sure the smoke goes everywhere to neutralize leftover BE GONE energy imprints in your living space.

Add positive energy

To add positive energy to your home, you need a blessing stick, which can be a tree branch, a flower or a plant. I’m using a Hawai’ian ti leaf.

You dip it in filtered water sprinkled with sea salt or essential oils. For example, I have Frankincense. Blessing is always associated with water, because water represents birth.

Go from room to room saying your blessing.

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