How To Turn Worries Into Wishes

The Worry Stick

Jim told me about this ritual called the worry stick. You put all your worries into this stick and then you burn it. The incense transforms that worry into smoke— where it turns into your prayer that travels to heaven. Then, you replace your worry with a wish.

In Brazil, they burn a wood called Palo Santo, which means holy wood. When you burn it, it fills your space with positive energy.

In the Native American tradition, they use bundles of sage to clear and move unwanted energies out of your life. This practice is called smudging.

The word sage comes from the Latin word “salvia” which means to heal.

Here, I have both— the worry stick and the sage.

Turn Your Worries Into Wishes

STEP 1: Please write down something you are worried about in your journal. All of you are going to think about your worry right now.

Now, hold onto the emotion and the stress that that worry gives you.

I will hold up the worry stick with the sage—

Please look at it. Focus on it. Concentrate. Mentally and psychically put all your worries into the worry stick. Transmit it through your intention— into the worry stick.

Remember, your ancestors, spirit guides and angels are here helping you to do this.

STEP 2: Now, we are going to replace your worry into a wish. Write down your wish in your journal, right now.

Make sure to use the power of fantasy. Fill in the details.

Angels are reading your journal and also reading your thoughts. When you include details, a team of angels is assigned to details.

STEP 3: Now, as I burn the worry stick sage bundle— your worries will transform into your wish.

Think of your wish now. Feel it, see it, smell it— make it as touchable and as real as you can in your mind. Breathing in… be inside of your wish right now. Hold the energy of your wish inside of you.

It is floating off to heaven.

Incense and holy fire— are the wifi of the spiritual realm. They transport our wishes up to heaven.

But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And God knows, while you know not.

—Tafseer Al-Baqarah Ayah 216

In the power and authority of the divinity of all of us here today, we command the universe and the angels to fulfill our wishes in ways that are good for us and everyone involved. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

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