The Fastest Way to Release Small Mindedness

Release Small Mindedness

In “The Fastest Way to Release Small Mindedness” Pastor Vicky discusses the concept of releasing small-mindedness and how our cells play a role in this process.

30 Trillion Cells of The Body

The body naturally replaces old cells with new ones every day, and it is important for the new cells to not inherit the small-mindedness of the old cells.

Focus on The Outcome

Pastor Vicky shares a personal story about an individual who transformed himself physically and mentally by focusing on his desired outcome and training his new cells to think in alignment with that vision. It is emphasized that during times of sickness or struggle, it is a sacred time for growth and manifestation. By focusing on oneself and releasing small-mindedness, one can elevate themselves to a higher level and manifest their desires.

Next, she discusses how our bodies have a natural tendency to take the fastest and most direct route to manifesting what we want, even if it means going through pain or discomfort. Unlike us, who tend to create elaborate paths to avoid suffering, our bodies simply focus on reaching the desired outcome. Our bodies don’t see obstacles, they only see what they want and find the quickest way to get it.

The Divine Spark

Pastor Vicky emphasizes that our bodies are designed to succeed and they don’t entertain the possibility of failure or the need for alternative plans. Our bodies adapt and evolve to overcome challenges, while we often underestimate our own abilities. By aligning ourselves with the wisdom and potential of our bodies, we can tap into the divine spark within us and manifest our desires.

And finally, she emphasizes the idea that one’s strength is built through struggle, and that by going through challenges, one’s powers are perfected. She mentions the presence of Christ Consciousness within individuals and highlights that even the wanting, struggling, and acquiring in life are used by God for one’s own good.

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