The Great Welcoming To Hale Ho’onani

The Great Welcome to Hale Ho’onani Church

We welcome you and all the personal and spiritual power that you bring to our church. Your soul is welcome here.

The dawning of your new life path, as well as the dark nights of your soul— are welcome.

Your culture is welcome. Your ethnic origin is welcome.

Your race, skin tone, accent, food preferences, and all the intricacies that make up your cultural identity are welcome. The stories and experiences of your ancestors are honored and welcome.

We welcome you with all the connections you bring with you; the elders and children in your life, your partner, siblings, parents, the animals in your life, your ancestors and spiritual allies, and the souls of your loved ones who have crossed into the Light.

Every Religion is Welcome

We welcome your spiritual practice, your religious affiliation, your angels, your deities, and all the things you consider sacred. Any way you support that aspect of your life is welcome.

Your love is welcome here. How you love, who you love and your understanding of love are welcome.

We welcome all the ways your gender and sexuality has unfolded and continues to unfold.

You Are Welcome

We welcome you in your pain.

We welcome you in your guilt and your shame.

We welcome your wounds and scars. Thank you for surviving!

Your emotions, ALL of them, are welcome.

Your thoughts, ALL of them, are also welcome.

Your quirks and ambiguities are welcome.

We appreciate your humor and silent contemplation.

We welcome the parts of you that you are still discovering.

We welcome you all in your roles as explorers, travelers, activists, healers, intuitives, caregivers, students, artists, witches, fortune tellers, wizards, warriors, and peacemakers.

Your Ancestors And Lands Are Welcome

Thank you for bringing your ancestors with you.

Ancestors, please stay with us, collaborating with us to anchor wisdom, understanding and all that is most needed in these times.

We welcome your sacred connections to the lands in which you were conceived, the lands that hosted your births, the lands you are currently standing on and all the life that came before you: the animals and the indigenous peoples of your lands.

The Dream of Your Soul is Welcome

We welcome your inner universe and the dream of your soul.

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