How to say “half Hawai’ian” or biracial in Hawai’ian


Our Hawaiian word of the week is hapa.

Hapa means half Hawai’ian and half another race— meaning you’re biracial like half black and half white or half Asian and half Ha’ole or half white.

So if you are Hapa, that means you half dis and you half dat. Or you half sum ‘ting— like maybe you half Pake, which means you half Chinese, and da oddah half— you like Portugee— or you’re Portuguese.

So when you go to Hawai’i and people stay squinting at you— cuz you really really tan and you get skinny kine eyes, but you get blonde hair— dey stay tinking— “Oh, you half, brah? You hapa?”

If someone asks you, “You Hapa?” That means are you hapa? Are you half? Half dis kine and half da oddah kine?

You can say, “Yes, I’m hapa. I’m half human and I’m half divine.” Jesus was Hapa.

Jesus was half human and half God. Just like us. We’re hapa. Half of us is human. And half of us is God.

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