I’m Not Strong Enough to Preach This Sermon

An Interactive Sermon

When I speak a sermon, two things have to be ripe: the people who hear it and the person who speaks it.

Some messages are heavy. I can’t deliver them until you’re prepared to bear the weight of it and also I have to be strong enough to carry it— so that I can hand it to you. I’m gonna preach a sermon today where I’m not strong enough to carry it.

Two things happen when I pick up weight that’s too heavy for me to carry.

  1. I grow into the person I need to be to preach it again.
  2. And, that growth usually causes pain.

God told me when was 13 years old, “You cannot bear a message without being the message.” Then the room got really dark and there was radio silence for two minutes.

Legal Disclaimer

Here is a legal disclaimer, before we begin our sermon.

I, Vicky Lee, pastor of Hale Ho’onani AME Fellowship am about to preach something I am not strong enough to carry.

I, Pastor Vicky, agree to pay the price for preaching this sermon by charging it on my Karmic Credit Card with 0% interest for the first year and minimum monthly payments of Seva, the Sanskrit term for service to humanity.

This contract ensures church members will only receive positive benefits and healing from this sermon and are protected, guided and supported by angels 24/7.

Do you have any comments before we begin?

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