The Holy Communion Ritual

A New Identity

During holy communion, we drink wine. In the Bible Jesus says, “Take this cup and drink. It is my blood.”

Why are we drinking blood? Because…

Blood represents atonement.

How many times have you prayed for God to pay your credit card bill? That’s atonement. I can’t pay it. Puh-Lease pay this bill for me! And the money doesn’t come out of my empty bank account; it comes out of God’s full bank account.

The Last supper happened during Passover. Passover was when Jews were freed from Egypt. God is saying to people, you are not slaves anymore. You have a new identity. You’re free, now.

That’s what Passover represents, this NEW IDENTITY.

You don’t owe nobody nothing. You don’t have to keep paying them. I paid your bill for you. You can stop acting like you owe people something. You can stop taking on all their stress and all their anxiety and pain. You can stop doing that. You don’t owe them anything.

Magic Mushrooms

In shamanic traditions, they celebrated communion— not by eating bread— but by eating mushrooms. Psychedelic magic mushrooms. I know my mother doesn’t know what that is. It’s drugs, Mary. Drugs that make you hallucinate and get high.

When they ate these mushrooms, they would suddenly feel like they were one with the whole universe.

It didn’t matter that others were in pain or that humanity was suffering. They could incorporate all that pain into themselves— into their heavenly bodies and their heavenly self— which was so expansive, so forgiving, so nonjudgmental, that even though they were still carrying the pain of humanity, they weren’t feeling any pain.

The magic mushrooms took them out of their earthly selves and placed them— zrrruup! Into their heavenly selves.

Your Natural Body

When you are in your heavenly body— your natural body— you don’t feel pain.

You’re disassociated with your earthly body or your earthly self. You only identify with your heavenly body or your heavenly self.

You have a new identify.

You’re free. You’re not a slave anymore.

You don’t have to carry someone’s pain for them because you don’t owe them anything. When you’re in your heavenly body or identifying with your heavenly self, no matter how much pain you take on for humanity or the world— you’re not feeling any pain. Because you’re not identifying with someone else’s pain.

You don’t think, “You’re pain is my pain. Let me heal it.”

You’re like, “Pain is just pain. It’s not yours. It’s not mine. It just exists as part of the human experience.”

When you are a slave, you have to carry the pain of others, especially your master. That’s your job as a slave. To carry the pain of your oppressors.

When you are free, you don’t have to carry anyone’s pain. If you do, “Sure, I’ll carry it. What’s it to me? It’s light. It doesn’t weigh anything.”

But if you don’t, “You just let them carry their own pain.” You don’t feel guilty. You don’t feel obligated. No one is going to whip you or punish you for not doing your job.

So this new identity— that Jesus is teaching you— is that you are MORE your heavenly body and your heavenly self than you are your earthly body and your earthly self. Part of you might still be a slave, but more and more, you are going to be free— until one day— you’ll be completely free.

And that whole process is called being reborn.

When you are in your earthly body— it’s unnatural for you to be free of pain.

When you are in your heavenly body— it super natural for you to be free.

Communion Ritual

You can do this any time you wish to have communion with God. Play the video and know you are experiencing communion. Do you have your bread or cracker? Okay, hold it in your hand.

Now, I’m going to say, “The body of Christ. Take it and eat.

Now eat your bread.

Do you have your wine or tequila or grape juice or a beverage? Okay, hold it in your hand.

Now, I’m going to say, “The blood of Christ. Take it and drink.

Now, drink your wine.

Rubba rubba tummy luv— Now the divine is inside your body. Your new life should be born pretty soon now. It takes a 8-15 weeks to grow a daffodil.

Let’s see how long it takes to grow your new life.

We planted the seed, now we just have to water it— and give it sum SUN SHINE!

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