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Love Feast

I went to study at an ashram in India. In the temple while we were meditating, I had a vision. I saw Jesus’s body lying in front of me. He was gorgeous and he was naked.

God said, “Would you feed this gorgeous naked body— donuts and fast food?”

I said, “Heck no.”

God said, “You would not feed this body trash?”

I said, “No. I would feed it living spring water, organic fruit plucked straight from the vine. Only veggies. No meat. This body is a temple. It should not be defiled.”

God said, “Then, why do you feed yourself trash? This body, the body of Christ, is your body. If you feed your body the way that you would feed Christ’s body—strawberries, sprouts and water— your body would look more like Christ’s body.”

Then he said, “You are what you eat.

You Are What You Eat

This concept— you are what you eat— goes way back to the first century when the Jesus movement was gaining popularity. People were having Love Feasts. The whole community would get together and break bread together, drink wine together. They would have full on meals and fellowship.

They were called Love Feasts because the idea was that you were eating food, but contained within the food was love. You were eating love.

You are what you eat. So when you eat love, you become love.

You Are What You Drink

In the Jewish tradition, they have Kiddush. That’s when they recite a prayer over a cup of wine and a loaf of bread and pass it around to each person at the table. They do the same at a tradition called Chaburah. The cup of wine is called the Cup of Blessing.

So when you drink a blessing, you become a blessing.

The Body of Christ

In many ancient traditions, communion doesn’t just represent the food and drink that created your body. It also represents fertility where you plant a body inside of another body.

That’s why Jesus says, “Eat this bread, it’s my body.” You put a piece of God’s body into your body. Just like how you—

Plant a seed in soil, you plant a sperm inside a uterus.

Whenever you plant a body inside of another body— it creates new life.

Your flesh isn’t just flesh. It’s also divine. It has this divine magical power to create a whole other body from itself. There is so much divinity in our biology.

How many times have you heard new parents say that their baby is a miracle? Because it’s miraculous how another body comes out of your body— and new life is born.

That’s what happens when your heavenly body comes out of your earthly body— it feels miraculous— like you have a new life.

Your Divine Body

When I was in the ashram in India having the vision of Jesus’s body— God said to me, “Like, right now— you eat trash so you look like trash.”

I’m like, “Thank you.”

God continued, “When you eat divinity, you will look like divinity.”

“And,” he said, “Your divine body will start to emerge from inside of you. When that happens, your divine body will come out of your earthly body— and when that happens— it will change your life. Your new life starts once your divinity emerges or is born out of who you are now.”

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