Remembering our Supernatural Selves at Communion

Communion is Super Natural

Last week we talked about the meaning of communion. We said that communion reminds us that how we are— when we get to heaven— that’s how we can be on earth.

12 years ago, I was counseling a group of parents whose children had completed their lives early— from drug overdoses. A mother mentioned her son. Suddenly— I saw him right in front of me. His soul was standing in the room, listening to her.

When I told her what he was wearing and what he was doing the last moments that he was alive— she said, “Yes, that’s him.”

What his soul wanted to let her know was that before he passed he had a lot of depression. When he got to heaven, all the depression left. He became his natural self— how he naturally was before the depression set in.

What I learned from this teenage boy’s soul is that— how are you are here on earth—— is not always your natural self. When you are here on earth— it’s like your natural self is wearing this clothing— of depression, or abuse or disappointment. But when you die and you go to heaven— you become your natural self. How you truly are— without the pain that your soul agreed to take on when you came to earth.

This boy’s soul was telling his mom— that it’s so much more natural for him to be his true self— to be happy and free when he’s in heaven.

It’s super natural for him to be his true self when he’s in heaven.

It felt really unnatural for him to be depressed when he was on earth.

Pain Sharing

You know how people can carpool? People can pain-share.

If someone can’t handle a situation, you can split the pain. You feel 50% of their pain and they feel 50%. In psychology it’s called “transference”.

Many of you do this— you carry people’s pain on their behalf in order to uplift them. You also carry the pain of the world in order to uplift humanity. That’s why you have such a big love print.

Well, when you get to heaven you let all that go. You release all the pain that you were carrying on earth. You become your natural self. It feels super natural for you to be this way.


The ritual of communion reminds you that when you’re in heaven, you are your natural self. You’re pure light, pure love, pure peace, pure freedom, pure happiness. You’re just like God.

To be in communion with something means to be “one with” something, to be close with it. The communion ritual is a reminder that there doesn’t have to be two versions of you.

The way you are on earth—

and the way you are in heaven.

The way you are on earth is the version of you that carries a lot of pain. The way you are in heaven is the version of you that has zero pain. Doing the communion ritual reminds you that you can combine the two version of yourself.

As you are in heaven, so you are on earth.

During the communion ritual, you have this loaf of bread— which is the body of Christ— this super natural body, this body of pure light, pure love, pure happiness, and you eat it.

When it goes into your body, your heavenly body is inside of your earthly body.

These two bodies— your heavenly body and your earthly body— combine into one body.

Your heavenly soul that has no pain combines with your earthly soul which has pain— combines into one soul.

One body, one soul.

Hookahi kino, hookahi uhane.

It’s just a reminder that you may feel a lot of pain here on earth, but who you naturally are, is someone who has no pain. You’re both.

You are both your earthly self and your heavenly self.

You are in communion with your super natural self.

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