What Is The Meaning Of Holy Communion?

What does Holy Communion mean?

Holy Communion is also known as the Eucharist or the Last Supper. It was the last meal that Jesus had with his disciples before he was crucified.

What priests do in church is lay out bread and wine on a table. Then, they bless it. This is called consecration.

When I said “consecration” to my mother, she heard “consequence.” Exactly.

Consecration = Consequence

When you consecrate something, there is a consequence. It’s not the same after you consecrate it. It changes.

Meaning, this is NOT an ordinary loaf of bread, my friend. Oh no. This is consecrated— blessed— it is spiritually infused with the energy of Jesus’ body. This is his body.

Priests consecrate the holy communion bread by praying over it. They say a prayer over the loaf of bread and they say, “Jesus, put your love print on this bread.” Put all of your good energy in this bread, so that when we eat the bread, it’s like we are eating all of your good energy. And your good energy is inside our body and it’s nourishing our souls and its making us stronger.

Kid you not

Ever since the year 55 AD, for almost 2,000 years Christians and Catholics have been doing this. They believe that just by praying— this loaf of bread— will become the bread of life for all who eat it.

Matthew 26: 26, in the LOL Cat Bible, it says, “this bread haz flavor.”

When you consecrate bread, it goes from regular bread — to Jesus-flavored bread. In other words, this bread has SOUL. It’s not normal bread.

As soon as you pray over it and treat it like it’s a special bread, cuz you put it on a very nice table cloth with a vase of flowers and some candles and prayed— all of a sudden—shaka laka zoo-lu— it has soul. And when you eat it, you get a little Jesus inside of you.

So that’s communion.

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