The Purpose of a Suicide Memorial

A Suicide Memorial

Today, we are having a suicide memorial to remember our loved ones who have died by suicide. We don’t say “commit” suicide, because suicide is not a crime, it is a form of death, usually by a disease such as mental illness.

Death by suicide is not considered any better or worse than death by other means. So we say, “died by suicide” or “took their life” or “ended their life.

”The purpose of this memorial is not to glamorize, dramatize, or sensationalize suicide. It is to affirm the value of every life, even a life that is full of suffering. And to allow ourselves to love people who have died by suicide— and to love them without shame.

To say, “Mom, I love you.

Dad, I love you.

Sis, I love you.

Brother, I love you.

Arthur, I love you.”

And to say that without shame.

Just… with love.

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